the crone institute

Gray-literature is existing research and content that may or may not be published. Hard to find research data, dissertations, and personal journals fall under this category.

We prepose that GRAY-gray literature is this difficult to find/share information that relates to aging and activism, and is itself an aging body that must resist being rewritten or eschewed in favor of "cutting-edge" new literature.

GRAY also echoes apartheid systems of knowing and not-knowing 

BLACKLANDS (Jacqueline Johnson Jackson's term) are the outskirts and hinterlands where marginalized voices are forced out: segregated knowing. The Ivory Tower and the white knights of scholarship can equally be understood as constructions of this racial schism and societal splitting. We hope that theorizing gray-gray literature in this way provides a ​discursive space to interrogate knowledge and expand ways of knowing, reflecting on the embodiment and disembodiment that occurs in being gendered/sexed/raced/classed in an oppressive society.


Center for Respecting our Noetic Equality